Details about our Ireland move

Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

For those who have asked, here are the details of our move to Ireland:

After Blaik finished a 4-year project here, the higher-ups at Lilly came to him and asked if he’d be willing to do virtually the same project in Ireland.  Well, duh!  So after some back and forth as to whether they could get clearance for his work permit, he’s been working for the Ireland division since summer of 2007.  Several people on the project moved over there last summer, but he’s working with the contractors who are doing the building design, and since they’re in Cincinnati, it made sense for us to be here.  We’re one of the second (and last?) batch of families to move over this summer.

Our “official” moving date is July 1, although that could change a bit as time gets closer.  We’re supposed to go on a week-long house-hunting trip in April or May, but it’s really hard to find a time that will work with our commitments and theirs.  We have orientation on March 17th (how appropriate–St. Patrick’s Day!), so we’ll find out a lot of the details then.  What we do know is that it’s terribly expensive to live there, but they provide a car and at least a chunk of the housing costs, they pay for moving us over, we get to take all the furniture and such that we want and they’ll store the rest, and then they’ll do the same when it’s time to come home. 

We’ll be there for 3 years, with a possible one-year extension.  Tim graduates from high school in June, and will come with us for the first 3-4 weeks, then back here to work and go to school.  Bryan will come “home” to Ireland from his mission in Argentina in late November, Tim will come for Christmas break, and they’ll come back to Indy together.  At this point, Bryan is planning on going to IUPUI for winter semester so he has those months with Tim.  Then when Tim leaves on his mission in late spring/summer, Bryan will probably head back to BYU.  Lilly provides plane tickets for the boys twice a year, for us back to Indy once a year, but since Kim is married, they don’t cover her and John. 

I will not have a work permit, so golly gee, I guess I’ll just have to write!  And do genealogy.  Life is hard, ain’t it?  <g>  And yes, we should have room for visitors–save your pennies for plane fare!

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