Ireland House-hunting Trip

Hallelujah!  We’ve finally matched up on a date for our house-hunting trip to Ireland, and it’s confirmed.  We’ll be leaving on Saturday, May 24th and coming back a week later on the 31st.  I guess we spend two days with Jeanne, our Lilly helper there, looking for a rental house, setting up a bank account, etc.  Then the other three days are for us to go shopping and browsing, seeing what we can and can’t get there, checking out schools (except we have no kids coming, so that’s a moot point), etc.  And taking lots of pictures!  We’ll probably meet up with some of the other American Lilly families, hopefully get to the church branch in Cork, depending on when we get in on Sunday, and basically treat it like a second honeymooon.  Fun, huh?

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2 Responses to Ireland House-hunting Trip

  1. Peggy says:

    Three cheers! Having a date for your househunting trip will certainly make everything else easier. When you return your goal will be clearer and you can be more focused on what to pack.
    It’s appropriate that “green” is the color for Ireland; I am “green” with envy! Make sure you get a house with a nice guestroom. 😉

  2. Jennifer says:

    Guest room is a must-have.

    And our 4-hour orientation with Lilly is Monday, so we’ll have LOTS more info then!