Transitioning to an Apple MacBook

Since I mentioned my computer dilemma earlier, I ought to put an update in.  I went back and forth a bit, but the decision came down to the fact that I either had to go through a learning curve with Vista, or go through a different learning curve with Mac.  And I’m tired of virus protection programs that clog the computer up, tired of Microsoft, and apprehensive about Vista, although Tim is looking forward to it.  (MS has done the first big patch already, so it ought to be a lot better now than a year ago.)  And MS Word:Mac (Word is just about required for writers) has been around long enough that I’m feeling comfortable with the idea, and I know several writers who are very happy with it.

So I took the plunge and bought a MacBook.  Actually, I ended up in contact with a very nice, very knowledgeable guy online in Indy who answered some questions and gave some advice, among other things to think about e-bay.  He told me what he looks for in a seller and to make sure it comes with the 3-year warranty, and highlighted some possible auctions to look at.  So I browsed and successfully won a MacBook Pro with a bigger monitor, more stuff on it, and with almost everything I wanted for the same price that the regular MacBook plus the add-ons would cost.  Hurray!

Unfortunately, after numerous back and forth e-mails, and with the moving deadline fast approaching, the seller couldn’t verify shipment.  I think it was a drop shipment set up, which is fine, but her supplier must not have had the computer in the first place or else had sold it several times.  So I had to put a claim in to get my money back (thank goodness for PayPal!), and I bought the regular one from the Apple Store in Indy.

I’m generally happy with it, but the transition is frustrating.  I don’t have the Apple Store for classes, and I can’t get online for the tutorials.  I expect that once I’m online, what I can’t learn from the tutorials, I can get from forum discussions.  But it’s been a bit of Ugh.  I think once I learn, though, I can do some pretty cool stuff with it.  Already I like being able to click a picture in iPhoto and tell it I want to e-mail it.  It brings up the e-mail, converts the photo to a better e-mail size, and attaches/includes it all in one.  But my MS Office for Mac has a program called Entourage instead of Outlook, and it won’t import my Outlook Express e-mail addresses.  I have to enter them all by hand, so it will be awhile before I’m in full contact with everybody.  Sorry, folks.  Although you’ll get more pictures here than through individual e-mails, anyway!

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