Trying again

Toward ocean (low tide) at "my spot."

Toward Kinsale

I haven’t tried to post anything since I had major problems when we first got here–every time I tried to upload pictures, it locked the computer up.  So if this works, I’ll post those as well.

Yesterday was all I imagined for being in Ireland and having time to write.  After weeks and weeks of overcast and rain, it was gloriously sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky in the morning, and then only poofy cotton balls in the afternoon.  So after my chores I went down to Charles Fort and walked the coast walk, half an hour down to Lower Cove and then the same back.  But I stuck my notebook and a water bottle in my backpack, and when I got back to a grassy area near the Fort, I sat down to do my daily writing.  The gulls argued and a motor boat rumbled faintly in the distance, but the wind was down and the tide was out, so there weren’t even any waves breaking.  Sunny, peaceful, lovely . . . and then an old guy came up from a beach-y area down the slope from me and stopped to chat.

45 minutes later, after discussion on anything from farming to fishing to the difference between Guinness and Murphy’s, he went on.  But by then my oomph to write was gone and I was suffering from “numb bum,” so I packed it in.  It was still a lovely day, and while it was overcast again today, it’s supposed to be dry for the next several.  (Although weather-forecasting is about like throwing dice here–the Atlantic changes things so fast that nobody knows.)  Here’s to sun when we can get it!

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