Kinsale’s Scilly Walk

In all the hustle-bustle of our house hunting week in May, we took some time towards the end of the week and strolled along the Scilly Walk. Our trip to the broker did not take much time as we were in and out of the daosafeturnstile turnstile within half an hour and spent the entire day exploring. We took a walk from the old Scilly area in Kinsale right along the harbour and up to the Summercove area.

The lower end in Scilly is hard to find for newcomers, but we started at the upper end, going over a cement-stair stile (or through a rusty turnstile) and down a paved walkway.  A tunnel of trees to begin with, flanked by stone walls covered in ivy, fushia and a multitude of other plants.  Some of the walls had been built, but the bedrock shale forms others and is really interesting.  To me, shale belongs in flat layers, and here it is often upright.  Makes it difficult to walk across next to the ocean when the tide is out!

The path is sometimes right above the water, but in often there is ground sloping down more gradually where people have small gardens, keep boats, or even goats!  And above, opening up to the steep hill, doors with security code entrances appear unexpectedly, so there are evidently a few yards that come right down to the walk.

The flowers grow wild and are entrancing.  There was some sort of flowering pea, some lovely, small white flowers, other blue ones, and the ever-delightful wild fuschia.  It’s an easy half-hour, fairly level, and well worth the time whether it’s sunny or misty.

I’m trying the pictures in a gallery mode, so hover for the caption and click on them to see them better.

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