Irish Fall Foliage

dsc02032The brilliant emerald of the Irish pastures has gone, disappearing as October pushed on and turned to November.   Fields are still green, but even on the occasionally sunny day, they are mundane shades of green.
The trees here are nothing to rival Indiana’s fall foliage. Most trees morph to a drab brown before dropping their leaves quickly.  Along rivers and across West Cork’s rolling hills, the stands of trees are filled with bare branches reaching up through green and brown.  Birch adds brief splashes of yellow, but without maples and dogwoods, the brilliant russet, gold and flaming red of home are absent. A few evergreens provide occasional rich contrast, and will be beautiful in the few frosts of a mild Irish winter.
But there are surprises around the sharp turns in our narrow, winding roads.  Driving from Kinsale to Inishannon the other day on a road I usually avoid, the tree canopy along the Bandon River suddenly looked like home.  I followed the Irish way of driving, pulling onto the non-existent shoulder and making other cars go around, and smiled, camera in hand.

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