Shocking Simon Cowell

simon-cowellWow!  If you want to see Simon Cowell get utterly shocked, as well as the other judges AND the audience, here’s a You-Tube video for you.  (I think it was the audition stage from Britain’s Got Talent, and they’re very different than American Idol–on the big stage with big audience instead of alone in the small room.)

susan_boyle_audition3Anyway, don’t forget to comment–I’d love to hear everyone’s reactions!

2009 Britain’s Got Talent–Susan Boyle

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One Response to Shocking Simon Cowell

  1. jay p. says:

    A singer, vocal music teacher, and performer for more years than I will admit here, Susan Boyle’s voice is true, pure, unaffected and natural-how a singing voice is meant to be. It is my hope that she will be able to keep it that way and not succumb to the trappings of the promoters of today’s music world, and the mediocrity it sells the public-especially our young people-as great talent.