Home Again!

OK, between tonight and last night, I finally got all the blogs I wrote along the way posted with pictures.  I’m glad I wrote as we went, made it lots easier, but it still takes a while to go through the pictures, format them, and upload everything decently.  And as soon as we got home, I got hit by a few days of vertigo, an abscessed tooth, and problems with the boys’ work permits filling up the next week.  (Vertigo gone, solutions to the rest are in the works.)

Anyway, the ferry ride home was over rough seas, and was NOT delightful.  But we made it, and are very glad to be back and settling in.  If you want the England trip from the beginning, scroll down to the one about crossing to Wales in the ferry, and work your way up.  And if you don’t, check in again in a week or so – Tim’s mission call should be arriving soon.  Cheers!

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