Lionel Ritchie and Princess Di

lionel-ritchieLionel Ritchie’s song, “Three Times a Lady,” came on the radio tonight.  I have beloved memories of dancing to that with Blaik whilst on the road to becoming engaged, and wondered, as always, what or who the song is actually talking about.

So since I was already puttering on the computer (don’t ask, don’t tell policy on what constitutes puttering!), I googled it.  Came up with lots of references to an album, but clicked on one with the story.

Turns out that it’s a tribute to a friend of his who was a male, had an transsexual operation, couldn’t keep doing his/her previous steel working job, and had a change back.  Then went to Thailand where it’s more accepted, changed to female again, but the surgery was botched.  Changed back, but not well.  Then his/her story was made into a movie, and the person took that money, had a proper operation done, and yes, after three times, was a lady.

That is just wrong on s-o-o-o many counts.  And ruins a romantic song for me, to boot.

Then I checked the headlines in the titles down the side of the blog, and clicked on one of those.  Also turns out that Princess Di is alive and well, and heading up the newsroom of one of the less reputable “newspapers.”  Pictures available and all.  She goes by Diana Spencer and even her journalist colleagues never guessed.

Help!  Save me!  My brain has been kidnapped by British tabloids!!!

At least I can like the Lionel Ritchie song again.

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