Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Our Sad Little Tree

Our tree last year not only had slippery needles that dropped any ornament that was the least bit heavy, but came with a common stand for which the vendors peel the outside of the core so it fits in the holder, and there’s no water reservoir. It was dropping needles on the first day! Needless to say, we weren’t going to do that again.

I spent a long time looking for a different type of stand this year. I never found anything like we have in the States, but did find a similar shaped one to last year, but closed-in instead of open. It would hold a bit of water.

By that time, though, everywhere I went, and then Blaik went, there was only one basic type of tree left. We decorated it all we could, and it smells good, but it still reminds us of Charlie Brown!

Silly String Wars!

We had early Christmas morning here, including a lovely phone call with Kim.  Santa put Silly String in Blaik’s and Bryan’s stockings. They got to do the vacuuming!

We spent Christmas day at the Peters’ house; Cathy is a good friend, with two older sons (one of whom could be Bryan reincarnated), and three younger ones. Plus five missionaries. It was a fun, chaotic time.  We left at about six, though, to get back for Tim’s phone call.  He’s cheery and chipper and doing well, and loves teaching people and seeing the changes in their lives.

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One Response to Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just wondering where they grow the pine trees there? Should we ship over a few? 🙂

    I think mine in my front yard (planted this past spring) would beat yours. It’s about three ft high and really considering growing a little come warmer weather.