I’m Ba-ack!

Well, it’s almost Christmas, and I think I promised a catch-up back in September.  That just means I haven’t changed, right?

Bryan arrived today, having finished his finals and a long work week.  We have two weeks until he goes back.  Fun time!  Christmas will be at the Peters’, some Irish friends here, and then we’re going to have a jolly time with Bryan’s big present.  Don’t know if he gets on here or not, so I’ll tell that secret after Christmas!

It’s been a crazy fall here, lots of writing.  I’m the Genealogy Feature Writer for Suite101 now, so I have a weekly genealogy article to write.  Takes a lot more time than the Writing Fiction articles!  I got my kid’s time-travel novel completely re-done and sent off to a contest, but didn’t place.  Drat.  I’ll start sending it out after the new year.  And I did NaNo again, and finished – 51,600 words!  A grown-up women’s novel this time, for a Mormon audience.  Still have a long way to go to even finish a rough draft, but it’s fun to work on.

I’ve been doing a bunch of music stuff, too.  My piano students somehow morphed from two kids and a mom last year, to six kids this year.  I’m not thrilled with two afternoons committed (Blaik says “awww”), but they’re fun.  And a couple who are really a joy to teach.  I’m also the branch music chairman, which means I do the choir for Christmas and organize the Christmas music fireside.  Being a choir director was quite an experience last year – lots of people who sing, but no men who know how to sing parts.  I was more prepared this year, so we’ve been practicing since the beginning of October.  The small groups and choir were awesome that night, but we had pianist problems and I ended up playing for a lot more than I expected!  Playing on the spur of the moment for Relief Society has made me pretty good at dropping unnecessary notes, and that came in handy. <g>

OK, that’s about it for now, catch up on such exciting things as Tim’s mission and floods in Cork coming soon.  At least sooner than six months from now!  Cheers!

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