Genealogy trip to England

Wow.  Utterly exhausted after 4-1/2 days in England, but oh, was it worth it!

I visited the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

(visited the Royal Observatory and stood on the Prime Meridian, too), spent a full day at the National Archives in Kew, a day and a half in the London Society of Genealogist’s library, plus a quick trip to the Guildhall museum a few blocks away, all to search for my two Scots merchant captains.  Found what I was looking for on Alexander Chalmers – his mate’s certificate number (now I can send for the actual certificate and hope his application is attached), and the ships he’d been on,

Royal Observatory on hill in Greenwich Park

including one that was wrecked off the northeast coast of England.

Gave up on his father-in-law, James Murray, who was early enough (1840s & 1850s) to likely never have gotten a certificate.  And I have no ship’s name to go on, either.  I’ve recently linked him to Liverpool, though, and I’ll need to write/visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum to see if they have any tips.

One of my best days, tho, was Friday in Birmingham.  I’m so used to trying to find ancestors who were poor enough to have left virtually no records, that it was an awesome surprise to find my Nutting/Tabberner line with not only parish records, but partnership agreements and wills!  I found my grandfather’s great-grandfather’s will in 1894 – long, with lovely and very dense writing on a huge sheet of wax-coated paper.  I’m getting a scan done so I can read it properly – ran out of time in the Birmingham library!  My next step here is to access the B’ham newspapers online and see what I can find out.

All in all, I found plenty to flesh out several ancestors, and actually found some dates and a couple new generations that I didn’t have yet.  Took lots of pictures, copied stuff, will forward on as I sort it out.  (Anyone with Nutting/Chalmers interests, please let me know.)  But I’ve come home tired, glad to be in my own bed, but very happy.

Front of St. Martin's church where the Nuttings were baptized and married.

Charles Nutting's 1894 Will

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  1. ELinehan says:

    Awesome trip! And beautiful photos. Love the chapel. This is the one in the Bullring, right? Nice article.