All-Ireland Football Finals

County Cork is going mad right now.  Cork is playing Co Down in the All-Ireland Football Championship on Sunday.  (That’s Gaelic football, not American, and not soccer.)  And since Cork is “the Rebel county,” there’s lots of “Up the Rebels” along with “Up Cork.”  But one of the fun things is that since we’re playing Down, not Dublin or Galway or Kerry or such, we’ll also hear a lot of “Up Down!”

Anyway, I hear a song called “Come On Ye Rebels” on my alarm radio almost every morning these days.  I went to find the lyrics, and found this Screaming Celts YouTube video instead.  The clips are mostly of hurling (Cork didn’t make it past the quarterfinals), but any with a soccer ball are from Gaelic football matches.  Oh- and the county teams are the pro teams.

Edited to add:  Cork won! Have the match recorded, but watching it will have to wait until we get back from Spain.  Blaik figures they’ll be missing a lot of people at work today after drinking celebrations last night. <g>

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