I Don’t Mind Root Canals, But . . .

You know, root canals really aren’t so bad.  You get completely numb and keep your mouth open for an hour.  Other than that, it’s not much different than getting a filling, as long as you have a good specialist.  (I highly recommend Thomas Nassar in Indianapolis, and Michael Hartnett in Cork.)

The problem is the next few days.  The awful pain that sent you there is gone, but your jaw is sore, especially if you have the TMJ problems I do, and the tissue around the tooth root is sore from the pressure of the procedure.  So when the dentist says “give it a few days,” plan on spending those few days on ibuprofen.  And spending time with an ice pack.  And a heating pad for the TMJ.  And for the few days to stretch into a week.

This was my fifth and I know what to expect, but I sure wish it would be over and done with.  Sigh.

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