Mother’s Day Guilt: Not This Time!

In church, the Sacrament Meeting talks on Mother’s Day are usually centered around – you guessed it – Mothers!  I used to enjoy them when the children were at home; they validated what I was doing with the kids and gave me encouragement and ideas to do more.

Now that the kids are grown, though, my main reaction to those talks is usually guilt.  Guilt for things I didn’t do with my kids, guilt for things I tried but didn’t do well, and guilt for what I never thought of but might have helped in certain situations.  Mormon moms are great at guilt, and I’m no exception.

But this Mother’s Day was different.  The first talk celebrated womanhood in general, based on Elder Cook’s talk from general conference.  And the second was focused on how Christ honored women, not only in His life, but through His prophets.  It was nice to think more in depth about the character and strength of women and our role in the Gospel instead of a list of all the wonderful things someone’s mother did.

And of course the best part of Mother’s Day was a quick call from Kim at 8 am (gasp!) because she was working a double shift; a call from Bryan in the evening even though we had talked extensively the night before; and a much anticipated call from Tim, on his mission in Colorado.  And I finally connected with my mother for a long phone call today.  All in all, a happy day!

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