Saturday Story Prompts

Need an idea for a story?  An injection of energy in your novel?  Something to get you started in your free-writing time?  Saturday Story Prompts are here to help.

Every Saturday I’ll post some story prompts: one-line story starters,  phrases to play with free-writing, questions that recall a feeling or situation you can use in your novel.  Use them as-is, adapt them if you want, let them jump-start a series of ideas and see where it takes you.

We’ll start with some one-liners today:

  1. I knew I should have left Mother at home.  Every time I took her out . . .
  2. What could I say? It was rough and hairy and smelly, but it followed me home.
  3. She inhaled the scent of roses and closed her eyes, remembering.
  4. Three on one wasn’t fair, but I had no choice.
  5. She regaled us with sales figures and marketing plans, but all I could think about was the body on the side of the road.
  6. He wasn’t paranoid, but his eyes kept flicking to the rear view mirror and the SUV that had been following him for several miles.
  7. “Get the hell out of my room!”
  8. He fingered the necklace, then tucked it away in her jewelry box.
  9. He was finished – for the day, the month, forever.  Then a knock came at his office door.
  10. You never know what a cat will do in a thunderstorm.

That ought to be enough one-line story starters for one of them to strike your fancy.  Have fun with it, then pop back here and leave a comment telling us what you did!

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