Weekend Writing Prompts – 6 Spooky Story Starters

In honor of Halloween, we’re doing spooky story starters this weekend.  Dust off your ghost-story-telling abilities and see where these ideas take you.

  1. Daylight, dense fog, muffled sound. You go for noon walk anyway. Describe your walk, and what happens when a dark shape suddenly looms before you.
  2. Late at night, flat tire, country road. What do you hear? How do you feel? Do you trust the man who pulls up in a pickup truck?
  3. Children are in bed, you’re reading a book in the living room.  You suddenly feel a prickle of skin – someone is watching you. What happens next?
  4. Turn several lights on in hotel room, put wallet on dresser and use bathroom.  When you come out, wallet is on the bed and two lights are turned off. What do you do? How do you feel?
  5. Dusk, walk through autumn woods with dog, listen to birds. Dog whines. Birds silent. Describe how it feels.  What’s happening?
  6. Strange noises come from abandoned house at end of lane. What do you hear? Do you go in?
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10 Responses to Weekend Writing Prompts – 6 Spooky Story Starters

  1. Ermilia says:

    3 (slightly modified). I closed the book so scary it gave me chills. The children loved it, hidden under the safety of the covers where the monsters could not hurt them, but me, I was not under the warm dwelling. I was out in the air, exposed. The hair on my arms stood straight and every creek of the stairs as I descended made it worse.
    I turned to the window and saw eyes. I jumped in fright! An ax murderer? A burglar? After the story I had just read, even the most absurd scenarios played through my mind. Ghosts? Zombies? No. A cat. A cat had me nearly jumping out of my skin.

    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

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  2. Debra Kristi says:

    Funny, I just wrote one last night. But I’m saving it for my blog. Sorry I won’t be sharing it right now. It is top secret. (snickers)

    Great exercise Jennifer!

  3. I questioned my sanity. I know I put my purse on the table. I can accept the lights burning out but not the purse. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I laid the purse on the bed. No, I didn’t. The movement behind me caught the corner of my eye. I jerked towards it. Who was in this hotel room besides me? Cold ran down my spin as the energy of something passed through me. I scanned the thermostat, a high 78 degrees, yet coldness surrounded me like a blanket of fog. The fear cursed rampant down my body, while every muscle screamed RUN! Run for your life.

  4. Scary thoughts running in my mind. I would run for my life.

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