Great Writerly Blogs and . . . THE WINNER

The contest is over and we had a blast!  Samantha Warren had a humdinger of a 30th birthday celebration, we all had fun visiting various blogs looking for answers and finding interesting new blogging voices, and by now some lucky person has won a Kindle Mini.  I actually came in second on one day’s quiz and won a copy of Reluctant Guardian from Kristy K. James, but since I was participating with my blogs, I wasn’t eligible every day and so didn’t have a chance at the Kindle Mini.  Awwww.  But hey, a Kindle Touch is still on my Christmas list!

Hmm, let’s not get sidetracked here.  The winner of Stephen King’s On Writing here is . . . Francelia Belton!  She’s a writer, a fellow member of the WANA1011 class, and is just setting up her blog.  Maybe when it’s live, she’ll stop by here and post a link!  And thank you to everyone who commented, linked, and tweeted about the Blog Scavenger Hunt and my book giveaway.

Just for stopping by to see if you were the lucky winner, here are some great writerly blogs I found this past week:

  1. Donald Mass asks four critical questions about your protagonist over on Writer Unboxed.  Definitely a must-read!
  2. Jami Gold gives a great look at weaknesses in our writer-selves (everybody sucks at something, right?) and how to turn them into strengths.
  3. And what if you never get published?  (Horrors! Never say never!) Is there a value in writing without publishing? What do you tell your in-laws, BFFs, or co-workers?  What’s the value of writing if you are published?  Holly Lisle has some intriguing thoughts.
  4. On the way to publication (that’s what we’re all after, right?), time gets crunched and stress levels rise.  Jeanette Marie Powell reminds us of some stress-relieving shortcuts to help keep our writing time.  And if her tips don’t match your life, they’ll trigger your own ideas of what to do.

Congrats again to Francelia Belton, and I’ll be back this week with some writing tips. Especially if I use some of Jeanette’s tricks!


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5 Responses to Great Writerly Blogs and . . . THE WINNER

  1. Jami Gold says:

    Thanks for the link, Jen! I hope others find that post helpful too. 🙂

  2. Jen! OMG! I had no idea I had entered a contest, but thank you! My blog is not up yet, but soon. Very, very soon. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    • Jen: I just read on your contest page that Emily Casey (@EmilyCaseysMuse) has always wanted to read Stephen King’s On Writing. I have already read it several times, and have the ebook, hardback and audio version of it. So, I would like to gift the book to Emily.

      Emily: I hope you enjoy the book. It’s a really great book for writers!

      • Jennifer says:

        That’s awesome, and I’m sure she’ll like it. Obviously you did! Off to email her now, and thank you so much!

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, everyone who commented, tweeted, linked to a blog, or whatever that week got at least one entry in the giveaway. We’ve just got great people in WANA1011, and you’re one of them!