Being Stuck at Home can be Good

To Do Lists (photo by Mark Barner (urbaneye) at Stock.xchng)My at-home college son started a job on Monday – Hurray!

Same son taking my car because his was in the shop, leaving me stuck at home – Boo!

I don’t like being stuck at home.  It cramps my style.  Can’t buy groceries, go to the gym, pop out for a last-minute errand.   I feel . . . um . . . tied down.

On the other hand, I get a tremendous amount of work done.

This trip to my parents’ isn’t just a quickie, and I not only had to figure out what I was taking, but tie up a lot of loose ends as well.  And, being the ever so brilliant procrastinator that I am, I had a lot of loose ends to tie up!

My to-do list in the last week included such things as:

  • Plant daffodils & tulips (Hey, I was busy in October! And even if they don’t bloom this spring, they at least won’t rot in the garage in the summer.)
  • Hang my children’s senior pictures.  (Many others to hang later, but these have been sitting in position on the stairway for at least two months now.)
  • Send invoices for writing/consulting work last summer.  (At least the business client is also a friend!)
  • Find answers to sister’s last-minute genealogy questions and sort through papers and certificates to decide what to bring.
  • Find the final-edit notes for the last chapters of my middle grade time-travel novel to take with me.  (I last looked at these in Ireland, and that was a year ago!  Definitely time to get it sent out.)
  • Finish the current quilt block, get the next packet, and get the squares cut.  (My daughter and I will have to send them back and forth by mail, but I’d like to keep it going.)
  • Re-color the rest of the bathroom grout.  (Not difficult, just tedious, and I didn’t want to leave it for Hubby o’Mine since he’s done most of the renovation work anyway. Who knew that beginning a remodel in Ahwatukee Phoenix Home Remodeling would make him so enthusiastic about this work. I might as well call it his vocation.)
  • Buy groceries.  And more groceries.  And even more groceries.  (Two guys batching it for a couple of months doesn’t usually mean good things for the food budget.)

There was more, but just these would have sent me over the edge in the normal scheme of things.  However, being stuck at home with no car meant I actually had a somewhat relaxed evening and a good night’s sleep last night!  Of course, I did not get the kitchen scrubbed or Hubby’s shirts ironed, but hey, they’re capable grown ups, right?

I can’t be the only one out there doing crazy stuff to get ready for a trip.  What’s on your to-do list before you travel?  What odd, procrastinated chores do you insist on getting done?  Let us know in the comments.

I’m at the airport now, waiting for my flight to be called.  I’ll be in Oregon tonight!  Will post this tomorrow.


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