Spring Flowers, Summer Weather, and No Stitches!

Does your family have a rule about the earliest date the air conditioning can get turned on?

I am always determined not to do it until June, but usually May has some hot days and every year I break my rule.  But March?  MARCH??

Spring is finally officially here, after a week of record-breaking heat in the low-mid 80’s, when we ought to be either freezing in the snow or having lovely, sunny, 65-degree days instead.


I’ve sat here with windows open, ceiling fans running, and loving the sunshine.  But I’m HOT!

On the other hand, I’m also loving the spring flowers, and the chance to just sit and look at them.  Hyacinths that came with the house are in full bloom, and the daffodils and tulips I planted in January are not only coming up, but the daffys are actually blooming after only two months in the ground.  And the weeping cherry at the front of the house is incredible.

On the other hand (just how many hands do I have?), I’m generally sitting inside, slouching on the couch with my foot up and an ice pack on it.  Bunion surgery was two weeks ago, and I got my stitches out yesterday – hurray!  (No, I won’t make you suffer through a picture of it.)  I couldn’t wait to get the bandage off, semi-wiggle my toes, and take a real bath.  I still have to wear the blasted most-helpful walking boot for another 3+ weeks, so my off-kilter clumping around is causing a few ankle-knee-hip issues, but those will go away afterwards, right?  RIGHT?

Since I can’t drive (right foot, of course), I’m stuck at home.  Lots of watching TV, reading books, editing, and even some writing.  I take my Kindle out to the deck, sit in the reclining lounger and enjoy the sun and the flowers.  I clump out for the mail, and admire the progress the bulbs are making in front.  And smile.

Okay, so this is a mixed-feelings blog for a mixed-feelings season.  How is your spring starting out?  Are you in the cold or warm section of the country this year?  Or in Alaska, buried in 30 feet of snow?  What’s your most-loved or hated part of our weird seasons this year?



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7 Responses to Spring Flowers, Summer Weather, and No Stitches!

  1. Debra Kristi says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when you can take a real bath again? Sorry you are full of mixed feelings. I remember being stuck with my foot up, trapped unable to drive and hardly walk. Yuck.

    Opening the windows at this time of year isn’t an option for us so we must deal with the electric bill of running the air. My daughter’s asthma goes crazy from the wind and new blooms. It can get ugly. This year she hasn’t had much of a problem. Keeping our fingers crossed. The added killer is we have two units so the bill can get extremely nasty.
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    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      The saving grace to this is that when my dad visited us in Ireland a couple years ago, I got a shower stool for him. So guess who’s using it now? A bath is great, but not every day, and I’m loving my showers again.

      Allergies are awful, and I’m grateful we don’t have to deal with them. It’s good you have the option for a/c to keep her healthy, but here’s hoping your bill doesn’t run too high!

  2. OMG. I LOVE that cherry tree! Jen, I forget where you are located but I’m in Calgary Alberta. We’ve had a few days of about 10 degrees. (~50 F, I think) but mostly still below zero (below 32 F) at night. Sunshine Village (where I ski in Banff) is having record dumps of snow. Which is all wonderful, except that I injured myself – not skiing, but doing “deep water tethered running” if you can believe it. I thought I’d be safe in the water, but I still overdid the workout and pulled something. So, it’s pain killers, massage and physio for me.

    and not a bloom in sight :o(
    I hope you keep recovering nicely from your surgery.

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi, Suzanne. I’m in central Indiana, and yes, I love the cherry tree too. It was bare when I first looked at the house, but by the time I took my husband by, it was in full bloom. Unfortunately, it only lasts a week or so. Right now we have very sweet-smelling “snow” on the sidewalk, and in another few days it will be all leaves. 🙁

      Wishing you the best on your recovery. Hope you’ll be all fixed up by the time spring gets to you.

  3. Wayne Borean says:

    The park at the end of our street didn’t have a skating rink this year, for the first time in its fifty years of existence. For most of the winter it didn’t have any snow either.

    I suspect that the air conditioning is going to run hot and heavy this year. As for those idiots who refuse to understand the science behind Global Warming, let’s hope they go extinct.


    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi, Wayne. It’s been a strange winter, but I sure like it better than all of last year’s ice! Maybe you can skate next year.

      • Wayne Borean says:

        I don’t skate anymore myself, I’m, well, crippled isn’t quite the right word, it’s complicated. But I grew up in the area, and played hockey in this park. The kids got ripped off this year. They got ripped off last year too, we could only keep the ice in for about a month, and the last couple of days, well, I’ve got pictures of a little girl sliding across the ice in her boots while wearing a tee shirt in March!

        We’ve had years recently where they were still golfing into January. This isn’t natural.

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