ROW80: Failure the First Week?

I just finished my first week of ROW80 goals (I started late), and I don’t think I’m doing awfully well.  Some real reasons, some excuses, and a bit of “I just don’t feel like it.”  But yesterday was good, and I’m carrying on, hence the on-time check-in.  (Did you notice that?  ON-TIME!)

I haven’t figured out how to do Fabio Bueno’s green/yellow/red progress reports, so I’ll just put them in italics.


  • Write 5 days a week, either 1,000 words a day OR at least one hour on plotting/editing.  Not good – only three writing sessions the whole week!  BAD Jennifer!

Social Networking:

  • Blog twice a week, plus ROW80 check-ins.  So-So – two blogs, but only one check-in.
  • One blog a week on Jen’s Writing Desk. Accomplished!
  • Tweet or comment on at least 10 other blogs per week.  Accomplished!


  • Follow re-hab instructions after foot surgery. Easy – build up walking around.  Accomplished!
  • Strength training (what I’m allowed) three times a week.  Bad – only once.
  • Gentle walks, as approved, at least three times a week.  Not allowed yet.
  • Begin cutting sugar from diet.   Hmm…ate properly maybe 4 of 8 days.  Unless I count all the times I wanted chocolate or donuts and didn’t have them, in which case I can count a lot more!


  • Study Scriptures daily.  Success, and proud of it!
  • Practice flute or piano twice each week.  Once.
  • Sew quilt block each month.  Not yet.

Well, actually, hmm . . . after listing my results, maybe I don’t feel like a failure after all.  *grin*  I did get more done than I would have without the goals, so I’ll give myself a C rather than an F this week.  And here’s to improvement for the next check-in.  And to figuring out how to put the blog-hop link here, and actually doing it.


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One Response to ROW80: Failure the First Week?

  1. Lynn Kelley says:

    Sounds to me like you’ve accomplished a lot! Very admirable, especially since you’re recuperating. Hope your foot heals up quickly. Thanks for visiting my blog!