The Simple Pleasures in Life


I’m not going to talk about how often we overlook the small moments of wonder in our busy lives, or how to stop and see them more often – that’s for another post.  I just want to mention a few simple pleasures that, if I pause to remember them, bring their joy into my life again.


The squish of sand between my toes.

The surprise of spring grass in the late summer, after a drought.

The softness of my one-month-old granddaughter’s hair.

The cheerful sound of my daughter’s voice.

Standing amongst my tomato plants, salt shaker in hand.

Watching a hummingbird hover outside my window.

Light at the flick of a switch.

A thick, soft towel, warm from the dryer.

The sound and feel of delightful words like sassafras and serendipitous.

The crackle of a warm fire on a bitter cold day.

The nicker of a horse, the touch of her velvety muzzle.

A bowl of mint ice cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh raspberries.

The way Hubby O’Mine’s eyes crinkle when he smiles.

What are the simple pleasures in your life?


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22 Responses to The Simple Pleasures in Life

  1. Ooma says:

    Picking up the phone to hear a daughter say “hi, Mom. How are you today?”
    Sitting in the warm sun with a soft breeze coming up the hill.
    Listening to the Steller Jays arguing over who gets the feeder next.
    Sharing a mountain trail with my son.
    Feeling a doggie nose against my cheek in the evening.
    Watching the deer come down the hill to eat apples.

    Wonderful post. Thank you

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      I love your list, Ooma! A mountain trail with my own son sounds wonderful right now. And perhaps your daughter will be asking how you’re doing again pretty soon!

  2. I love you list of simple pleasures, especially the sound and feel of words like sassafras and serendipitous.

    I’d add…A hug from my husband. The purring of a cat in my lap. The smell of clean dog. A warm cup of coffee in my hands.
    Marcy Kennedy recently posted..Revolution: How Do You Remember to Be Grateful?My Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi, Marcy. Our cats have been gone for a while now (went to new homes when we moved to Ireland), and I miss the purring in my lap. And I’m one for very very v-e-r-y long hugs! Thanks for coming by.

  3. Laying in bed with my husband and our cats.
    Connor, our one cat, bumping me in the chin with his head.
    The drive to and from work (oddly enough)
    Running my hands over the fabric at Joann’s

    Sadly, we haven’t seen our hummingbird in awhile. Which may be a good thing, he likes to tease the cats because he knows they can’t get him… 😉
    Christina (@ceeleeolson) recently posted..Back to Basics…My Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi Christina. What a great list! I had forgotten the chin bumps – you guys are almost making me want a cat again! And I can swoon over fabrics in Joann’s. *grin* I haven’t seen the hummers in a week or so, either, but I think it’s because our weather got cold. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lena Corazon says:

    Beautiful, Jennifer. I love hearing the sound of a friend’s voice on the phone, especially if we haven’t talked for a while. I love the feel of a pen gripped in my hands, the sweetness of my favorite classical pieces, sinking onto the couch after a long day. Thanks for reminding me of these little, yet powerful, things. 😀
    Lena Corazon recently posted..ROW80: Linky Silliness and Mid-Week GoalsMy Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Lovely, Lena! You remind me that I haven’t heard my old neighbor’s Irish voice in quite a while – time to call her again and make me wish I was there all over again!

  5. Pam Asberry says:

    Great list, Lena. I will add the warmth nuzzle of my dog’s nose in my lap, a hot cup of peppermint tea at the end of the day, the crunch of autumn leaves under my feet as I walk through my neighborhood, and a happy surprise in the daily mail. You have inspired me to make a list of my own!
    Pam Asberry recently posted..I needed a laugh today…My Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Ah, the crunch of autumn leaves. And you mean you still get nice stuff in the mail, not just bills and junk mail? Whoopee! Love your list, and if you post more on your blog, stop back and let us know!

  6. You have inspired me to create my own list on my blog. I hope you will come visit it when you are able. Thank you for sharing the simple joys that fill your world with love. Peace to you.
    Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow) recently posted..Silence and Morning – Writing Poetry Day 9 and 10My Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Wonderful, Morgan – this post was actually inspired by another. Stop back here to let me know when it’s up, in case I miss it in my general browsing.

  7. I think I’ll steal your idea and list some simple pleasures of my own on my blog. Nice.

    As long as we’re sharing, one of my favorite simple pleasures is reading aloud to my kids. They’re not so young anymore, but we’ve continued the tradition of the nightly bedtime story all the same. My 11-year-old son is my most faithful audience, but my 13-year-old daughter often joins us, and every once in a while, my 20-year-old college student sits in on the sessions, too. We’ve read all the Harry Potter books, most of the Ranger’s Apprentice series, and loved the covers off of our Hank the Cowdog books. This is also the time for Scripture (the best literature of all.)
    Kathrese McKee recently posted..Three StrikesMy Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi, Kathrese. I loved reading to my kids. They’re all grown now, but sometimes I read to Hubby O’Mine on long drives. And let us know when you put more of your simple pleasures on your blog!

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  9. This is such a wonderful post, Jennifer. I love it.

    There are many simple joys that I treasure every day. My children’s hugs, “I love yous”, and little giggles when I hug them back. My husband’s smile when I tell him I’m glad he’s back from work. The emails from my family in Europe. Hot coffee in the early morning (now my 10-year-old son makes it for me every morning!). Lavender bushes in my garden. My kitty’s acrobatics when we play, and his gentle purring in my arms.
    First snow. The warmth of sun on my skin. Organic baby carrots with goat cheese for lunch. A nap. A walk in the nature. Reading in bed at night. Warm showers. Favorite perfumes. My favorite pair of stilettos. 🙂

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Wow, what a list, Angela! Those create great images for me, especially the lavender in the garden (I had some in Ireland, need to plant it here) and warm showers. Make that l-o-n-g warm showers! So many things to make us smile, if we only stop to think about them.

  10. A cup of tea, a bubble bath, and any time I get with my husband and kids!
    Thanks for the reminder to think of happy things Jennifer. 🙂
    Coleen Patrick recently posted..Photography Inspiration: The World is Full of MagicMy Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      A bubble bath – how could I forget a bubble bath? Hmm, need to start collecting simple pleasures for another post! Thanks for coming, Coleen!

  11. Karla Darcy says:

    Love this post! The baby is gorgeous. One of my favorite things other than raspberries and chocolate is children’s laughter. It touches my heart every time.

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Hi, Karla. Yes, Li’l KC is gorgeous, and growing so fast! Not at the giggle stage yet, but cooing now and I get to see her again in a few days! Laughter to come. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Steph says:

    I love this. I especially love that you included the pics. How wonderful! I agree the simple pleasures can bring delight for the longest time – if we but stop to remember them. Thank you for a great reminder to “count my blessings.” Have a wonderful week overflowing with countless simple pleasures.
    Steph recently posted..OctPoWriMo Poem #14: FamilyMy Profile