Reading is a Sign of . . .

“Someone reading a book is a sign of . . . ”

A few weeks ago, my writing professor put this quote by Mary Ruefle up on the computer.  And since the giant guy between me and the projector screen was leaning forward, I couldn’t see the rest.  So of course, I filled in the blanks myself.

My mind is not the most, shall we say, predictable.  Hubby O’Mine likes to say I use circular logic.  I like to say I have an imagination.  And frequent silliness.  And occasional snark.  So here (in order) is where my mind went:

  • Someone reading a book is a sign of … intelligence.
  • Someone reading a book is a sign of … insanity.
  • Someone reading a book is a sign of … unwashed dishes.

    Never Too Young to Love Reading!

    Never Too Young to Love Reading!

Okay, I’ve just admitted I use books as a major form of escape.  But what else are novels for, but to get out of our world and into someone else’s?  And besides, the dishes get done eventually.

But wait, you cry.  What’s the real answer? Well, if you insist:

“Someone reading a book is a sign of order in the world.”

That’s actually pretty deep:  How does reading create order? What happens when people don’t read? When a society doesn’t read? (Fahrenheit 451, anyone?)  And, of course, for me it begs the question of “if I’m creating order when I read, why is my house so disordered?”

But what I really want to know is:

Where does your mind take you when you read  “Someone reading a book is a sign of ______?”  How would you finish the quote? 

Be whimsical, be insightful, be snarky – just leave your ideas in the comments!





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10 Responses to Reading is a Sign of . . .

  1. …unwillingness to bored? Preparedness? 🙂 Actually, my first thought was the same as yours: intelligence!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..WANA Wednesday: Romance of all Kinds, Fun for Kids, and ROW80My Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Definitely unwillingness to be bored, but I like preparedness, too! And since we read so much, we’re all super smart, right? Thanks for stopping by, Jen.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Judging from my 18 y.o.’s comments, it’s a sign of being bored with reality. (vampires, werewolves are SO much more interesting!)

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      I’d say anything is more interesting than reality, but then I stop to think about what’s going on in said 18-year-old’s life (geez, can she really be that old?). Graduation, college, boys . . . can’t get any more interesting than that! Unless her crushes are vampires, then … yeah.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    BTW, LOVE the pic! Hard to remember they were once so young! 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted..Trail of Tears – a Brief HistoryMy Profile

  4. … a great adventurer.

    I love to journey to new worlds when I read. 🙂

  5. Jennifer Jensen says:

    So right, Rhonda. Although I think I don’t “journey,” I “escape” to other worlds. And thanks for all the blog love!

  6. …Is taking a mental vacation.
    …Is exercising their mind.
    …Is forging through a brand new world.
    …loves making new friends.
    …doesn’t take life too seriously.
    …embraces curiosity.

    There you go Jennifer! Loved your post!:)
    Karen McFarland recently posted..“K.B. Owen’s Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour”My Profile