Teenage Crushes and Poetry

In lieu of a “real” blog post (I’ve never had a summer college class before, let alone two, and I’m still recovering), here’s a bit of my teen years wrapped up in a poem.  Written for one of said classes, of course.  And before you dig in, I should warn you that while my literary career began with poetry (a whole book of poems with cake/bake/snake/rake rhymes when I was the ripe old age of six), this is my first real poem.  Somehow my “Intro to Creative Writing” only covered fiction.  So be nice!

CrushingDid you have a teenage crush that crushed you?  Or did the two of you get together?  Share your crush in the comments below and let us know how it turned out.

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7 Responses to Teenage Crushes and Poetry

  1. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I should probably note that names have been changed to protect the innocent – I’m still in touch with some of these friends!

  2. Well I like it Jennifer. Great idea for a post.

    What is it about this summer. It seems everyone is so busy and it’s flying by to fast. So I hope you recover quickly and enjoy some rest. 🙂
    Karen McFarland recently posted..Country is Taking Country by StormMy Profile

    • Jennifer Jensen says:

      Summer has seemed really short here – we’ve had some hot days, but overall it’s been pretty mild. My garden is just starting to really produce. We’ll see if I can keep things low-key for the next month. Hah! Hope your summer’s going well, with some relaxing time in there.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Jennifer, that’s heartbreaking! (*sniff!*)

    Aside from that, I like the style. You should do more of this. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful poem! My first creative writing class in college covered both short fiction and poetry, and I still can’t write poetry to save myself, so color me impressed. And yeah, all of my teenage crushes were… well, varying degrees of crushing!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..What can you do in 18 minutes?My Profile

  5. Jennifer Jensen says:

    @ Elizabeth & Jennette:

    I was surprised at the power poetry can have. Mine tends to be short and a bit clipped, because the longer lines and sentences seem too much like prose to me. But I’m discovering I can write about something without needing a 5+ page essay, and that’s pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Dan Salisbury says:

    Hi. This is so sad, and and truthful, the fragility of a youthful crush.