Gratitude: This Week’s Thankful 3

I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal again. It’s a simple thing, really, just write down three or five things at the end of each day that you’re grateful for.

So every week (hopefully Sundays, but not this time) I’m going to choose three from each week and share them here. The trick will be that nothing on my lists is allowed to repeat soon!

alphabet flash cardsThis week, I’m especially grateful for:

1.  Good men and women of all faith traditions who serve God’s children in a variety of ways. I was in Cincinnati at Time Out for Women this weekend, a conference/retreat for LDS women and friends. As a spare-moments project, we colored alphabet flashcards that will be used by Catholic Charities to teach reading to immigrants. What a great idea!

2.  Sunny days and rolling hills to drive through, instead of the downpours that made things treacherous on the way here.  And much more delightful than the straight, flat roads of Central Indiana.

3.  That things calmed down enough this week so my mind was easy and relaxed and I could write again! I worked on a chapter and a half of RESCUE Through the Shimmer of Time and it felt lovely.

That’s my three.  What are you grateful for this week?

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3 Responses to Gratitude: This Week’s Thankful 3

  1. susan says:

    I’m thrilled that things are going well for you.

  2. Wow, those flashcards are awesome!!

    And I really like this idea for blog posting.

    Let’s see:

    I’m grateful for finishing things. I finished crucial stages in three different projects this past couple of weeks (launched one, finished edits of another, finished first draft of a third).

    I’m grateful for the lovely weather we are having this week–warm, sunny but low humidity. Spring in northern Florida at its best.

    I’m grateful for my hairdresser whom I’ve been going to for years. She spent an hour this afternoon playing with different ways I can curl my hair, and didn’t charge me for it. It was fun!