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Shrilugh: Great YA Fantasy by Myndi Shafer

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Shrilugh, by Myndi Shafer this weekend.  Not for the possibility of a book review (I only review books I like, and there was no guarantee I’d like it enough), but because Myndi is a blogging buddy.  She offered and I accepted. And then the problems began. I started it Saturday when chores and homework were mostly done.  I was still reading it in the car on the way up to visit the grandbaby.  I kept reading it late that night, which meant I didn’t get my Primary lesson done for church the next day, and the kitchen remained a wreck.  I read in snatches on a busy Sunday, and then finished it on Monday instead of working on my own novel.  But hey, at least I got my Shakespeare assignment done first! So . . . Shrilugh (pronounced shree-loo) has … Continue reading

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11-22-63: Historical Time Travel from Stephen King

I’m not usually a Stephen King fan.  I think he’s a powerful writer, and I love his memoir/writing book, On Writing, but I’m just not into horror.  I read Carrie long ago and that was quite enough for me – until I came across the Langoliers, which was wonderfully eerie but not horrific. So when 11/22/63 came out, I was intrigued.  I love well-written historical novels, and I love time travel.  Add a serendipitous visit to the library where it was on the shelf instead of on hold for another reader, and I had to grab it. The premise is that there’s a portal in the back of an old diner, and Jake (a high school English teacher) is invited by his old friend to use it.  Someone has to go back and stop Kennedy’s assassination, and the friend can’t try anymore.  Jake doesn’t want to, but when the friend … Continue reading

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Reviewing Avi’s new book

Cool stuff happening!  Avi is a Newbery-winning children’s author, and I just got a request from his publicist asking if I would like to review his upcoming book on writing, “A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End” for Suite101. She’s sending the review copy (it won’t be out until April), but she also asked about stats for my Writing Fiction topic at Suite101.  So I e-mailed my editor, and my topic has received 24,000 page views in the last month, 15,600 of which are mine! And I also, at my editor’s suggestion, asked if I could interview Avi by e-mail.  Give me courage! Edited to add:  I suppose I should put a link to the review article, “Avi Gives Advice on Writing.”  Go have a look!

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