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Mother’s Day Guilt: Not This Time!

In church, the Sacrament Meeting talks on Mother’s Day are usually centered around – you guessed it – Mothers!  I used to enjoy them when the children were at home; they validated what I was doing with the kids and gave me encouragement and ideas to do more. Now that the kids are grown, though, my main reaction to those talks is usually guilt.  Guilt for things I didn’t do with my kids, guilt for things I tried but didn’t do well, and guilt for what I never thought of but might have helped in certain situations.  Mormon moms are great at guilt, and I’m no exception. But this Mother’s Day was different.  The first talk celebrated womanhood in general, based on Elder Cook’s talk from general conference.  And the second was focused on how Christ honored women, not only in His life, but through His prophets.  It was nice … Continue reading

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Elder Tim Jensen in the Colorado Denver South Mission

Well, it’s almost New Year’s now but I can’t get the pictures from the London trip off the little camera, so I thought I’d do some catch up about Tim.  (Click on the photos to enlarge them.) We had a lot of back and forth as to whether he was being set apart as a missionary and leaving officially from Ireland or Indiana, but we (and he) wanted our old Stake President to do it.  So with the necessary permissions, because Tim’s records had been moved to Cork, President Sinclair set him apart on Sunday, August 30th, and we left Monday morning for Utah. Turned it into a bit of a family reunion – Mom, Dad and Michael came out from Oregon and Elizabeth and family came down from Montana.  They all camped in Provo, while we stayed with Rick and Leslie in Sandy.  Made time to see Dave & … Continue reading

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I’m Ba-ack!

Well, it’s almost Christmas, and I think I promised a catch-up back in September.  That just means I haven’t changed, right? Bryan arrived today, having finished his finals and a long work week.  We have two weeks until he goes back.  Fun time!  Christmas will be at the Peters’, some Irish friends here, and then we’re going to have a jolly time with Bryan’s big present.  Don’t know if he gets on here or not, so I’ll tell that secret after Christmas! It’s been a crazy fall here, lots of writing.  I’m the Genealogy Feature Writer for Suite101 now, so I have a weekly genealogy article to write.  Takes a lot more time than the Writing Fiction articles!  I got my kid’s time-travel novel completely re-done and sent off to a contest, but didn’t place.  Drat.  I’ll start sending it out after the new year.  And I did NaNo again, … Continue reading

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Tim’s Mission Call

It finally came!  Tim is going to the Denver Colorado South Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He reports to the MTC on Sept. 2, 2009, so we’ll be heading back to the States for our next “home leave” towards the end of August. We tried to have Kim and John on the phone when he opened it, but only got Kim’s voice mail.  So we called my parents in Oregon, and they got to hear him rip the envelope open.  (Sorry, K & J, but he was bouncing from foot to foot waiting the hour-and-a-half for Dad to come home, and he couldn’t wait any longer.)  Anyway, Blaik says he was grinning ear to ear.  I couldn’t see it–my eyes were closed with yet another attack of vertigo–but I could certainly hear it. The Denver South mission includes the southern part of the city (and … Continue reading

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Bryan Arrives and Leaves Again

Well, the big day came.  After leaving his last missionary area in Trevelin, Argentina on Sunday, November 30, Bryan finally landed in Dublin on the morning of December 4.  L-O-N-G time traveling!  Mostly flying at night and waiting in the airports during the day, but one of his early comments was that he never wants to see a bus again. We drove up to Dublin (about 4 hours) the night before, so were at the airport early—flights from the US often land 30-60 minutes early.  So after going through customs and passport control, Bryan came through the gate into his father’s waiting arms.  Me?  I had sat down (can’t stand in one place for a long time) and had fallen asleep!  Aarrgghh!  I woke up to a voice saying, “Hi, Mom!” It was SO good to see him, tired, unshaven, scruffy as he was.  He had hardly slept in 48 … Continue reading

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