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Two Days ’til Bryan’s Here!

It’s been two L-O-N-G years, but Bryan left Argentina this morning and will land in Dublin Thursday morning.  We’re heading up tomorrow evening, will spend the night and take him from the airport to the mission office to be released, then drive back down here (about 4 hours). We’re so proud of him, his willingness to serve the Lord, and how hard he’s worked.  And we’re so excited to see him again!  And he loved the Argentine people, but is excited to come home to Ireland (and Mom’s tuna & rice casserole).  Look for more here on Friday.

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Church in Cork

The LDS Church is small but growing in Ireland.  We’re in the Cork Branch in the Limerick District, which consists of branches in Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Tralee and Galway.  Our branch has 70-80 people come each week and we’re pushing to get up to 120.  Most members live in Cork or in a nearby town/suburb called Ballincollig, with a few farther out. The building is small but fits us, other than the parking lot.  There are 20 regular spaces (plus 2 handicapped), but a number of people take the bus so that helps.  It will be interesting to see what happens as we grow. Blaik is currently the Branch Clerk, a job he loves.  But it entails early meetings and we only have one car and live 20-25 minutes away.  So I take him in, come back home and get ready, and then go in myself.  And then wait for … Continue reading

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