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Smile – It’s the Crazy Frogs!

When you’re getting on top of things again after a couple rough days, this is an awesome way to start the day with a smile!  

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Twisted Laundry Creates Twitchy Minds

Laundry should be straightforward, shouldn’t it?  I mean, do a load of wash, switch it to the dryer, and fold it when it’s done, right?  Wrong. First you open the washer, only to find a wet load still in there.  Is it old enough to be musty and needing a vinegar rinse?  No, I’m lucky this time – Mom had put it in the night before.  But I reach in to transfer it to the dryer, and find out I’m not so lucky after all. I pulled a towel out with effort.  The jeans wouldn’t come at all.  Mom had put in a mixed load, and when I say mixed, I mean every type and state of clothing and fabric imaginable. The sweater arms and one leg of the jeans were tied like an inept boy scout’s knots.  A pair of nylons wound its way in and out of everything, … Continue reading

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Driving in Ireland: the Basics

The first step toward driving in Ireland is to ride in the front passenger seat with an Irish driver.  When you’ve done that enough so you don’t cringe and lean sideways every time an oncoming car seems to be HEADED DIRECTLY FOR YOU, then you might be ready to shift to the left side and drive. Remember: The Irish very thoughtfully provide these signs on the main roads leaving airports.  By the time you stop giggling at the mental image of Hogan’s Heroes’ Sergeant Shultz yelling “Achtung! Drive on Left!” you’ve relaxed.  Until you realize there’s no center line on your small highway and you’re actually back on the right hand side.  But don’t worry, the Irish are generally very patient with dumb Americans and will just nod and continue when you’re finally back on the right correct side of the line. That center line turns out to be very … Continue reading

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Minesweeper is an Evil Game

Why do I do this?  Middle of the day, late at night . . . Minesweeper sucks me in.  It’s not totally mindless, but I play it when I can’t think any more, or just don’t want to think about hard situations any more.  Unfortunately, I also play it when I can’t figure out what to write, when I don’t want to make phone calls or balance my checkbook or clear off my desk.  And after my usual check-email-one-last-time-before-bed routine, do I actually go to bed?  No, I play yet another game or three or ten of Minesweeper. Seriously, I at least should try myself at, to brake the routine. Oh well, another time. Now, it’s not that I love Minesweeper so much.  It bugs me to have a thinking game that begins with random clicks and getting blown up over and over just to get the board started.  … Continue reading

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Writer Meets Quilt: the Quilt is Winning

This really shouldn’t be hard, should it?  I mean, I’m an intelligent woman.  And I’ve sewn off and on through my life: my daughter’s dresses, a few shirts for my husband, skirts and shirts for me, and even a jacket.  And while I haven’t pieced a quilt before, I have tied many, so I should be able to combine the two skills, right? It all started when we spent a Friday evening up at Kim’s and she mentioned she was starting a block-of-the-month quilt the next day.  “Why don’t you come, Mom?” she asked.  Too much to do, a 45-minute drive up there – lots of reasons not to.  But by the end of the evening I was considering it, and by morning I had made up my mind.  It would be fun to do together and I could do it a section at a time, instead of spending several … Continue reading

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