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Laughing with Robin Williams

If you’re old enough (or are a “Nick at Night” fan), do you remember an episode of Mork & Mindy where, at Christmas time, Mindy was showing Mork her Gucci angel and then had to explain what angels were? And then Mork took the Gucci angel in his hands, lifted it up and launched it, saying, “Fly, little angel, be free!” Crash, tinkle, tinkle. That’s one of my favorite comedy lines ever, and Mork & Mindy was where I first met Robin Williams. Throughout his career, it was the greatest fun trying to figure out what was actually in the script and what he simply ad-libbed. We recognized most of the references in Mrs. Doubtfire, but are still trying to figure out some of the ones from Aladdin‘s genie.  And his portrayal of the genie is what, in my mind, began shifting kids cartoons into something that could be thoroughly … Continue reading

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Look Up? Look Down!

    We went camping over the 4th of July weekend and did a lot of hiking in our unusually lovely weather.  The first day, my view was like this: And this: Unfortunately, that “rugged” hike flared up a partially-rehabbed old injury, and my second day of hiking was staring at roots:  Yeah, bummer.  This is how I felt: But then I opened my eyes, and look what I found! There’s a fungus among us – more than one!  Aren’t they beautiful? The wild roses were done blooming, but I found this cutie peeking out:And a surprise of light amidst the green: Not at all sure what these are, but definitely flora, not fauna:Although the fauna were down low, too:I didn’t even know these fruited!What unexpected treasures do you see when you look down?

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37 Years and 6 Universities

I started college at Oregon State University, way back in 1977 . Now, 37 years and six universities later, I have finally earned my Bachelor’s degree. Done, finis, no more! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, including childbirth. At least in childbirth, it’s over in a day, you have a gorgeous baby to hold in your arms, and you forget the pain enough to have another one. Raising those children goes in waves of wonderful highs and worrying lows, but overall brings great joy. College, on the other hand, is a sometimes enjoyable, always relentless, seemingly never-ending effort that costs a whole lot of money! For me, it included: 1977-79: two years at OSU in Elementary Education. I was young, single, and my whole life revolved around college – no problem. Get married, stop college to work and earn my PHT (Put Hubby Thru). Two music classes at … Continue reading

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There’s Sunshine on My Blog Today!

I was wowed last week by author and blogger extraordinaire Suzanne Stengl when she passed the Sunshine Award on to me.  Well, to ten of us, but who’s counting? So yes, in the midst of Midwest clouds and thunderstorms, the sun also shining! The rules of the Sunshine Award are: •    Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog. •    Link to the person who nominated you. •    Answer the 10 questions below. •    Pass the award on to ten (or however many you want) “Sunshine inspiring” bloggers. Ooh – does that mean I inspire sunshine? Cool! Here are the questions, along with as many answers as I’m able to come up with: Favorite Color:  I used to say “blue” automatically, but it seems to have morphed to purple.  Or red.  I’m wearing a lot of those these days (although I’ve got a few years to go before … Continue reading

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Integrity: Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

So the other day, I succumbed to the vending machines on campus and got a Snickers bar.  Need brain food, right?  And you know what?  It spit out two Snickers bars.  That’s right, TWO! My first thought was that the vending machine gods had smiled upon me.  My second thought was a definition: Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. My honesty/integrity level has always been pretty high – as a child, I got in more trouble for telling a lie than for whatever I had done wrong in the first place, and we raised our kids the same way. Don’t pass the blame to someone else, take responsibility for your own actions, work for your pay, and pay for what you get.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’d end up in the parking lot and find a greeting card or lipstick or something … Continue reading

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