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Bryan Arrives and Leaves Again

Well, the big day came.  After leaving his last missionary area in Trevelin, Argentina on Sunday, November 30, Bryan finally landed in Dublin on the morning of December 4.  L-O-N-G time traveling!  Mostly flying at night and waiting in the airports during the day, but one of his early comments was that he never wants to see a bus again. We drove up to Dublin (about 4 hours) the night before, so were at the airport early—flights from the US often land 30-60 minutes early.  So after going through customs and passport control, Bryan came through the gate into his father’s waiting arms.  Me?  I had sat down (can’t stand in one place for a long time) and had fallen asleep!  Aarrgghh!  I woke up to a voice saying, “Hi, Mom!” It was SO good to see him, tired, unshaven, scruffy as he was.  He had hardly slept in 48 … Continue reading

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