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Reviewing Avi’s new book

Cool stuff happening!  Avi is a Newbery-winning children’s author, and I just got a request from his publicist asking if I would like to review his upcoming book on writing, “A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End” for Suite101. She’s sending the review copy (it won’t be out until April), but she also asked about stats for my Writing Fiction topic at Suite101.  So I e-mailed my editor, and my topic has received 24,000 page views in the last month, 15,600 of which are mine! And I also, at my editor’s suggestion, asked if I could interview Avi by e-mail.  Give me courage! Edited to add:  I suppose I should put a link to the review article, “Avi Gives Advice on Writing.”  Go have a look!

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