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What Can You Forget on a Camping Trip?

We had planned a lovely camping trip for last weekend:  sunny September weather, our 36th wedding anniversary, and a break from weeks of piled-up stress.  We had even looked and bought the best RV covers and grill stove to enjoy the amazing trip. A  wonderful get-away, right? Now, you have to realize that we’re old hands at camping, even if we haven’t gone for a while. But boy, did we succumb to some newbie forgetfulness – even after a last-minute stop at Wally World! The camp stove that we got from Instash somehow, somehow, got left behind in the garage.  How could that possibly be?  The fire grill didn’t go low enough to cook well over coals, and our little aluminum barbecue would only work with the small pan.  Hmm . . . how many one-piece batches of french toast does it take to feed two adults? S’mores Fixings:  Marshmallows, check.  Graham crackers, check.  Hershey bars? … Continue reading

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