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Writer Meets Quilt: the Quilt is Winning

This really shouldn’t be hard, should it?  I mean, I’m an intelligent woman.  And I’ve sewn off and on through my life: my daughter’s dresses, a few shirts for my husband, skirts and shirts for me, and even a jacket.  And while I haven’t pieced a quilt before, I have tied many, so I should be able to combine the two skills, right? It all started when we spent a Friday evening up at Kim’s and she mentioned she was starting a block-of-the-month quilt the next day.  “Why don’t you come, Mom?” she asked.  Too much to do, a 45-minute drive up there – lots of reasons not to.  But by the end of the evening I was considering it, and by morning I had made up my mind.  It would be fun to do together and I could do it a section at a time, instead of spending several … Continue reading

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