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Sharing Writing Tips

As I work on my own writing, I find myself wanting to share.  Tips and tricks I’ve learned, problems and frustrations, writer’s conference experiences, the excitement and dread of submissions.  I compose blog posts in my head all the time, but have never done anything with them. So here I am, finally starting a writing blog.  Hopefully it won’t be just me talking – I’d also like to have on-going discussions, share books and authors and writing websites we think are great, and even include some author interviews. I invite you to come along for the ride.  And if there’s something you think should be up for discussion – writing related, of course – drop me a note.  Maybe you’ll even get to post a guest blog!

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NaNoWriMo: Idiotic Plot Twists

There are those doing NaNoWriMo strictly for the fun and challenge.  And there are those who are hoping for a workable manuscript out of it.  Both kinds of writers find “idiotic plot twists” showing up when their imaginations take over.  Here’s a sampling from a forum thread that left me rolling on the floor. (MC = main character; MMC = male MC; FMC = female MC) ****** My MC is living in a half occupied house (one of the occupants hasn’t been seen since chapter 3) with a twelve year old girl who obviously is a nutcase and a talking bird who just emailed the MC’s mum and is a major suspect in his abduction. And he doesn’t realise anything’s wrong despite waking up in a room full of mousetraps. ****** My perfectly normal senior citizen was suddenly visited by the Chick-fil-A cows from space and taken to planet Eat … Continue reading

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Another Editor’s Choice Award

I just received my sixth Editor’s Choice award in Suite 101’s Writing & Publishing section.  It’s for an article called “Complex Scope of Writing a Novel: Motivation, Intimidation and the Dreaded Writer’s Block” that I posted last week.  It’s based partly on what I’ve been learning from the fiction workshop I’m taking and the freewriting I’ve been doing for the class, and partly on my six-month experience with intimidation-caused writer’s block after a major conference I went to when I was first starting out. The Editor’s Choice Awards are given to one article in each major section each week, for an article that “exemplifies the quality content, excellent presentation, and high standard” that Suite 101 is looking for.  Good writing, hopefully, but also good content and good Search Engine Optimization so Google and others can pick it up.  SEO has been interesting to learn, and makes for very different articles … Continue reading

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Reviewing Avi’s new book

Cool stuff happening!  Avi is a Newbery-winning children’s author, and I just got a request from his publicist asking if I would like to review his upcoming book on writing, “A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End” for Suite101. She’s sending the review copy (it won’t be out until April), but she also asked about stats for my Writing Fiction topic at Suite101.  So I e-mailed my editor, and my topic has received 24,000 page views in the last month, 15,600 of which are mine! And I also, at my editor’s suggestion, asked if I could interview Avi by e-mail.  Give me courage! Edited to add:  I suppose I should put a link to the review article, “Avi Gives Advice on Writing.”  Go have a look!

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