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Finding Balance in Life – Or At Least Not Falling Off the Beam

There are wonderful blog posts out there about finding (and keeping) balance in your life. Blogs about attending to all the different parts of you; about not spending too much time at work at the expense of your family; about fulfilling your God-given role. This isn’t one of them. Me? I need lessons from blogs like those at the best of times.  And considering the last month or two, I feel like I should be changing the header of this blog from Reading, Writing & Real Life to How Many Balls Can I Keep in the Air at One Time?  Or something about pressure-cookers.  Or steam rollers. This semester has turned out to be really hard, partly because my classes require a lot of reading, and partly because life keeps pulling in more balls to juggle.  Some of the juggling balls come with joy, like babysitting my new grandbaby or … Continue reading

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