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Icy Ireland

While all you American northerners live with three or six feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures, we’re dealing with snow, ice, and sub-zero here, too.  Of course, it’s sub-zero Celsius, but whatever. Actually, it’s hit pretty hard.  Started in early December, and we’ve spend the last three weeks hardly getting above freezing.  Down in the teens (Fahrenheit) at night.  The frosts are heavy and very slick on the roads for some reason, and while there hasn’t been much sleet, we get freezing fog.  Roads are treacherous, and THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN IT!  (Actually reminds me of a college friend  who said she hated to drive in the snow.  I asked why, since she was from Montana. She said “because you Oregonians don’t know how!”) Because it doesn’t happen often enough for them to learn, the Irish tend to be very very very cautious.  Long line of cars … Continue reading

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