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Spring Flowers, Summer Weather, and No Stitches!

Does your family have a rule about the earliest date the air conditioning can get turned on? I am always determined not to do it until June, but usually May has some hot days and every year I break my rule.  But March?  MARCH?? Spring is finally officially here, after a week of record-breaking heat in the low-mid 80’s, when we ought to be either freezing in the snow or having lovely, sunny, 65-degree days instead.   I’ve sat here with windows open, ceiling fans running, and loving the sunshine.  But I’m HOT! On the other hand, I’m also loving the spring flowers, and the chance to just sit and look at them.  Hyacinths that came with the house are in full bloom, and the daffodils and tulips I planted in January are not only coming up, but the daffys are actually blooming after only two months in the ground.  … Continue reading

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Indiana vs. Ireland

Well, we’re back.  Returned in a whirlwind trip in November and I’m STILL adjusting.  I guess there’s this thing called reverse culture shock and it’s pretty common.  I didn’t expect it, tho.  I had no problem coming home for a visit and driving on the right for two weeks, but this time it took me more than two months to really feel comfortable.  (Plus some luck that there were no other cars on the road when I DID drive on the left!)  And that’s not the only thing that’s hard. Indiana: flat, brown, straight roads, the same stores and restaurants all over, bland American accents. On the other hand, Kim and John are close, Bryan came out for Christmas, and I spent a couple weeks with my parents in January and will be going back in May. Ireland: green, hilly, winding roads, lovely Irish lilts interspersed with unintelligible West Cork … Continue reading

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Back Home in Indiana–Temporarily

Glorious, glorious blue skies in Indiana! We arrived on Saturday and had two days of sun and 70+ degrees.  Now it’s in the 50s (10-12 centigrade for all you Irish friends), but still sunny.  Bright sunny, which I’ve missed in County Cork.  Spring is farther behind–the daffodils here haven’t started to bloom yet–but I walked in Starkey Park yesterday and really enjoyed it. We’re staying with friends, Tim is with us most of the time, and we’ve had a few great evenings with Kim and John.  Lots of shopping to take back with us, plus doctor and dentist appointments keep us busy in between. We spent Wednesday at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and are going to a family-friendly comedy improv tonight in Indy.  And Blaik and Tim are glad to help Kim and John move into their next-door apartment (slightly larger, nicer layout) while I do the … Continue reading

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How big is Ireland?

       I needed to get a handle on the relative size of Ireland, something I could compare it to.  So I went to the trusty encyclopedia and found out Ireland is about 175 mile wide and 235 miles long at its largest distances, for a total of 32,587 square miles.  If you block out some of the bays and inlets, it’s somewhat the shape of a parallelogram (remember those?). Indiana, on the other hand, is a tall rectangle with a slanted bottom.  It is 155 miles wide and 270 miles long, for a total of 35,870 square miles.  So roughly, Ireland and Indiana are the same size, with Ireland being shorter and fatter, and Indiana being taller and skinnier.  But I understand it takes much longer to cross Ireland than it does Indiana!

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