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Indiana vs. Ireland

Well, we’re back.  Returned in a whirlwind trip in November and I’m STILL adjusting.  I guess there’s this thing called reverse culture shock and it’s pretty common.  I didn’t expect it, tho.  I had no problem coming home for a visit and driving on the right for two weeks, but this time it took me more than two months to really feel comfortable.  (Plus some luck that there were no other cars on the road when I DID drive on the left!)  And that’s not the only thing that’s hard. Indiana: flat, brown, straight roads, the same stores and restaurants all over, bland American accents. On the other hand, Kim and John are close, Bryan came out for Christmas, and I spent a couple weeks with my parents in January and will be going back in May. Ireland: green, hilly, winding roads, lovely Irish lilts interspersed with unintelligible West Cork … Continue reading

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