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Ruled by My iPhone

Somewhere in the fine print of my cell phone contract, I think I missed the part where I’m required to always have it on.  And with me.  And answer it. I knew living in Ireland would require some major adjustments, but the one I didn’t anticipate was a social group that expected me to have my mobile phone with me all the time.  This wasn’t just the youngsters, it was everyone in my generation, too.   Although we had a landline, most of them insisted on calling the mobile and leaving a message instead of trying the other number. They didn’t e-mail, they texted. I couldn’t hear the mobile from the other end of the house, especially if it was still in my purse.  Why should I be required to have it surgically attached?  And I didn’t think to check it for messages on a regular basis.  I was a mild … Continue reading

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