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Roman Baths & Bizarre Comedy

(Written Tuesday, 5/12/09) We’re exhausted already. Crossed the Severn River on a l-o-n-g bridge over the estuary area where the tide meets the freshwater and churns up the mud.  Nice drive, only an hour from Cardiff, and we drove through the lovely Georgian areas of town to get to a car park.  Bath is gorgeous.  Most of the buildings are cream and butterscotch colored, with lovely brickwork and windows and everything romantic.  Right out of Jane Austen—in fact, she lived here for 5 or 6 years. We spent the morning at the Roman baths.  We only got through the inside museum part about the temple to Sulis/Minerva and a bit of time out at the main bath before I was “feeling unwell” and we got our tickets stamped to go out and get some lunch and rest.  Then back in, see the rest.  Tim was fascinated with how much the … Continue reading

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