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Glastonbury Abbey and Glastonbury Tor

(Written 5/14/09) Glastonbury has so many legends wrapped around it it’s ridiculous.  And Glastonbury Tor is taller than it looks! It was a steep climb up a long hill, with the remnants of a church on top.  I told Tim he ought to run to the top and he took off!  As my jaw dropped, Bryan said he’d wait 5 minutes, then go after him to pick up the pieces.  So we huffed and puffed and all made it.  Views were fabulous, lovely countryside.  The plains flood, which turns the tor into an island that comes and goes – Avalon.  Definitely brought Mists of Avalon to life. We stopped at a place called The Chalice Well, a lovely garden and mediation place.  Legend has it that the Holy Thorn tree there is one brought by Joseph of Arimithea (we’ve been learning a lot of the other legends of the area, … Continue reading

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