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Minesweeper is an Evil Game

Why do I do this?  Middle of the day, late at night . . . Minesweeper sucks me in.  It’s not totally mindless, but I play it when I can’t think any more, or just don’t want to think about hard situations any more.  Unfortunately, I also play it when I can’t figure out what to write, when I don’t want to make phone calls or balance my checkbook or clear off my desk.  And after my usual check-email-one-last-time-before-bed routine, do I actually go to bed?  No, I play yet another game or three or ten of Minesweeper. Now, it’s not that I love Minesweeper so much.  It bugs me to have a thinking game that begins with random clicks and getting blown up over and over just to get the board started.  I’d much rather play Mahjongg or Freecell or a few others.  But a couple weeks ago my … Continue reading

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