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What Do My Kids Remember About Summer? Not What You’d Think!

Horses, swimming, campfires . . . you’d think my kids would have awesome end-of-summer memories.  But what do they say when I ask them what they remember?  And what Labor Day trick did my parents play on me as a kid? For the answer, click here to go to Myndi Shafer’s blog – I’m guest posting over there today! And when you’re done laughing at how gullible I was, check out some of Myndi’s posts – she’s hilarious!

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The Power of Words – Memory vs. Truth

My earliest memory is rather dim and fuzzy:  I’m sitting in Mom’s lap in a big chair and she’s reading a letter and telling me that somebody was having a baby. That’s all I remember – not where we lived, how old I was, or even any sounds or smells. Just the snuggly feeling, the letter and the baby.  But when the question of an earliest memory came up through my school years, and it did numerous times, I always answered with this story. The striking thing is that in my 20s or 30s, when I mentioned it to Mom, she stopped to figure out the timing – from the details, it had to be a particular cousin, and I was only a year and a half old! To have a memory of such a young age is rather unusual, but even this memory wouldn’t have lasted past my own … Continue reading

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Autumn Gifts from Small Hands

I love autumn.  Our front maple tree is turning slowly to vibrant red, and the tree across the street is a blazing yellow.  The fall colors are something I missed when we lived in Ireland, and I give deep sighs of enjoyment as I drive through the community, both for the visual pleasure now and the memories of autumns past. My three children brought me gifts from nature when they were small.  The boys would pick anything they thought was unique – grass, weeds, poison ivy.  You name it, they brought it.  My daughter, however, took care to gather beauty in her small hands.  One year she brought me a bouquet of carefully chosen autumn leaves, scarlet and orange as bright as any summer flowers.  She insisted I put them in water so they wouldn’t wilt, and then was disappointed when they eventually drooped anyway, without even turn crunchy. A … Continue reading

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