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Stonehenge and Old Sarum

(Written Friday, 5/15) It was rather gray, threatening rain on Thursday, with heavy showers expected Friday, so we flipped our days around and left the Cathedral for Friday to be inside when it was wet.  We started the morning at the Salisbury Museum and had a great overview of Stonehenge.  And it would be a pretty cool museum for kids, too – lots of hands on stuff like lifting the stones they used to sculpt the sarsens, and blocks and a pulley to see how many men and oxen it takes to raise one upright.  Lots of stuff about Romans and more recent stuff, but we mostly skipped that.  <g> So we drove the half hour to Stonehenge, and the rain held off for us.  I listened to the audio guide for a while, but I’ve read enough and having just been at the museum, I felt like I was … Continue reading

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