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Organ Music and the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral

We were at Salisbury Cathedral this morning (Friday the 15th), too early to have a tour or to climb the steps in the tower, but it was almost better. We got there after the early morning service, but there’s another service for the students at the cathedral school at 9:00.  And the organist stays in between and practices.  So we wandered with our brochure guides, admiring the beauty and architecture, amazed at what they accomplished in the early 1200s, and matching up people buried there with what we know of English history, all while listening to magnificent music.  It just added to the atmosphere. And then the kids started to come in, members of the girls’ choir first, blocking out movements for their next performance, and then all the others, including a group of absolutely cute 4-year-olds.  (The choir members come on full scholarships between 7 & 9 years old, … Continue reading

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