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Choosing White Paint is Not for Wimps! (and other fixing-up advice)

Choosing white paint is not for wimps!  I didn’t think it would be any big deal, but it was.  The off-white we used at the Lebanon house seemed fine.  So I dipped a stick in it, had Home Depot do a color match, and bought 5 gallons.  Painted one coat in our bathroom.  It was green!  Was it because of the green drywall underneath?  No, the second coat wasn’t any different.  Dip a stick in the new paint, lay both above the edge of the shower surround.  The original was a tad green, but Home Depot’s was definitely greener. Leave the bathroom paint problem for later, go to Lowe’s this time to chose another color.  An original color, not a color match.  Look at samples under the different types of light in the little paint department machine.  Go outside and look at it in bright sunlight.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I … Continue reading

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