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Snowpocalypse: Take Time for a Text

Blizzards and ice storms and hurricanes are scary times. If they’re coming our way, we prepare as best we can: food, camp stove, warm blankets, lots of batteries. But sometimes that’s not all we need. I have a friend back east where “Snowpocalypse” is hitting hard. We’ve talked several times over the last few days, but this morning, as she’s still watching the snow come down, she told me something else.   She hasn’t heard from her children at all. She has no other family – she’s an only child and a widow. Her children are out west now, but they visit and have a good long-distance relationship. None of them have called, or even texted, to ask how she’s doing. In a centuries-old house with very little insulation, they didn’t ask how she’d stay warm if the power went out. She worried about the heat pump freezing up, but they didn’t … Continue reading

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Losing a Tree

I’m so sad.  After our polar vortex / snowpocalypse winter, I think our beautiful weeping cheery isn’t going to survive.  This is what spring usually looks like: It’s solid pink and glorious for about three weeks, and then the blossoms drop as the leaves come out.  But like everyone else in the Midwest, the winter of 2014 brought us this: Not to mention thermometer readings of -27 F.  Now, I realize that everything is about three weeks behind schedule, but still . . . the weeping cherry should be blooming at the same time as the tulip tree.  Instead of a gorgeous show of trailing pink masses, this is what I see when I pull up to the house: I’ve been told these trees are susceptible to cold, and there are several old, healed winter cracks in the trunk.  But one has opened and is weeping sap now, and besides … Continue reading

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