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What is Suite101.com?

Most of you know that I’m the feature writer for “Writing Fiction” at Suite101.com.  As such, I write regular articles on that topic, but I can write about anything else I want as well.  Most recently I did a series on revising novel manuscripts: Revising a Novel: the Importance of Structure Tips on Major Character Revision Plot Revision for Novel Writers Final Draft Revision You can also click on the box in the upper right of this page to get to my main Suite101 page.  I’ve also done some on preschool music and a few Indianapolis area attractions.  Eventually (soon, I hope), I’ll get a few articles up in the Ireland Travel section about places we’ve visited so far. But for those who want an overview of Suite101’s what and why, here’s an article from the Vancouver Sun.

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Another Editor’s Choice Award

I just received my sixth Editor’s Choice award in Suite 101’s Writing & Publishing section.  It’s for an article called “Complex Scope of Writing a Novel: Motivation, Intimidation and the Dreaded Writer’s Block” that I posted last week.  It’s based partly on what I’ve been learning from the fiction workshop I’m taking and the freewriting I’ve been doing for the class, and partly on my six-month experience with intimidation-caused writer’s block after a major conference I went to when I was first starting out. The Editor’s Choice Awards are given to one article in each major section each week, for an article that “exemplifies the quality content, excellent presentation, and high standard” that Suite 101 is looking for.  Good writing, hopefully, but also good content and good Search Engine Optimization so Google and others can pick it up.  SEO has been interesting to learn, and makes for very different articles … Continue reading

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