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Sunday Funnies: Abbott and Costello Do Math

Sunday Funnies:  In honor of the back to school season, here’s Abbott and Costello giving us a great math lesson to remember. Enjoy! And my much-delayed ROW80 goals: After a stressful spring and summer filled with both good and bad things, I’m back writing and blogging, but I need to keep a balance.  Especially since my college classes start this week (although I won’t need Abbott and Costello’s math tips). So my goals are pretty basic: Write every day, six days a week.  Blog, novel, short story – doesn’t matter how much as long as I get started.  Because as long as I don’t get sidetracked by games, 15 minutes easily turns into an hour most days, right? Some sort of exercise every day, if only stretches.  And stretches are a must! That’s it.  Too much pressure makes me shut down, and then I don’t get anything done, don’t talk … Continue reading

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